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Here at TeroMed we are passionate about bringing you safe, natural and effective solutions for your therapy needs. The future of healing does not need to be invasive. With technology advances you can now begin your treatments from the comfort of your own home. We strive to help the public now have the same great access to LED Infrared devices.

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Start Improving Your Health, Happiness and Well Being Now!

Our Vision

Taking you or your company to the next level with the highest innovation in infrared therapy on the market today. Evolution of you is all about elevating to the next level. Providing clients with natural, safe and 100% effective products.

Our Mission

Illuminating the future with newest innovation in red light therapy. Clinically tested, doctor approved and scientifically proven to heal, restore and soothe the muscles and joints. Effective treatment for various skin conditions from acne and psoriasis to fine lines and wrinkles. Red Light promotes healing with the whole body. Improving cellular function and increasing collagen production. Enjoy the many therapeutic and non invasive health benefits that infrared therapy has to offer from the comfort of your own home. With the use of our grade A technology. A Pain free, energy enhanced and healthier life is now possible.

Our Motto
The evolution of you

Elevate > Enhance > Empower

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