Red Light Therapy is The Fastest Growing Innovation in the Health & Wellness Industry.

Providing a 100% Success Rate No Negative Side Effects

  • 100%  Natural Solution For Pain
  • Clinically Tested & Proven
  • Used By Medical & Skincare Professionals World Wide
  • Achieve Professional Results From The Comforts Of Your Own Home, During Workout Or On The Go
  • Comfortable Skin
  • Friendly Material, Easy to Clean
  • Portable Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • Multi-functional


LED Therapy promotes healing of the muscles and joints, soothes aches and pain, providing therapeutic benefits to the body. Our belt emits infrared, which penetrates deep into the body’s tissues and helps to increase circulation and reduce inflammation in order to alleviate pain. Easy to use, simply wrap the TeroMed belt around your area of choice while at home relaxing or on the go. Stimulating acupuncture points as well as antioxidant enzyme release. Our belts are commonly used to treat conditions such as pain relief, muscle recovery and healing. They are also used for relaxation and stress relief Arthritis, Increase blood circulation, Reduce inflammation, Burn more calories, Detox & skin purification, and muscle toning, Teromed Products are professional grade technology, FDA approved and clinically backed by NASA research.

Includes- Belt, battery pack, charger, travel bag, user manual, warranty

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