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Our full body mat serves a multitude of purposes and continues to be a popular tool amongst our consumers. Use it to amplify any yoga or workout session, instantly turning yoga into hot yoga whether at home or on the go. Or simply lay it out on any bed or flat surface to relax and rest while still benefiting from all of the wonderful effects LED heat therapy has to offer.
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Red Light Therapy
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LED Infrared is used to commonly treat

Red-light therapy provides a transformative at-home or on the go treatment with no adverse side effects. By delivering energy to cells through applying a specific range of wavelengths of light, cells and tissues react similarly to the way plants absorb light energy from the sun. Beneficial light rays (UV- Free) stimulate the body’s natural process to heal by building new proteins, regenerating cells and stimulating blood circulation. Relieving arthritic, muscular, and joint pain, reducing inflammation and stiffness, and increasing collagen production. Infrared therapy is even proven to destroy fat cells, resulting in slimmer figures when combined with a healthy diet and exercise.

Tention Headaches
Joint Pain
Muscle Tention
Muscle Restoration
Wound Healing
Carpel Tunnel
Restore Elasticity
Collagen Reproduction
Innovative Red Light Therapy Devices

Red Light Therapy Is One Of The Fastest Growing Trends In The Health & Wellness Industry. With 100% Success Rate And No Negative Side Effects.

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